“Philippa Beale
Born 1946
Lives and works in La Roche de Bord , France.

The influences for all Philippa Beale’s ideas come from the vicissitudes of daily life, the circumstances that affect the human condition. To relate the ‘stories’ or parables of these events, Beale searches for images from nature, art history and contemporary culture; all of which provide concepts to feed her imagination. Beale is often influenced by different groups of artists and for this body of work, the post WWII poster artists Tom Eckersley, FHK Henrion, Alfred Brenet, Margaret Banard, McKnight Kauffer and Cleslewisz; all of whom had used their work to support anti-fascist propaganda. Beale uses a range of technologies available from drawing and painting to computer- generated imagery and combinations of both.

Children in Peril was one of Beale’s first billboard installations in London and was a one off created to shock a public into financially supporting children’s charities. At the time there was a lot news coverage concerning the mistreatment of children in care and unfortunately also in their own homes. The difficulties of producing the work were manifold as this was a twenty- four sheet billboard poster so had to be produced in twenty-four parts. The other aspect was the management of the piece, which included finding the billboard company, agreeing the site and raising funding to pay for its installation which was and still would be very costly. It had to be in a prime location and the top of the Old Kent Road near the Elephant and Castle in London was chosen because the daily passing traffic was considerable. On the first week it was posted, it created traffic jams as drivers slowed down to look at it. The police were called but they allowed it to remain in place and the billboard company were so pleased with the free publicity that they left the artwork in place for eighteen weeks, two months longer than they had been paid for.

Over to You Now was one of the concept sketches presented when the billboard commission became available in London. It was not selected at the time but was exhibited at Les Doitoirs des Moins, St Benoit, Poitiers, France 1987 and later at LCC Galleries, Univerisity of the Arts in Blue Bird and Other Stories, which was a review of Beale’s work over thirty years in 2007.

PHILIPPA BEALE studied at Winchester School of Art, University of Reading, Goldsmith’s College and was the first Artist in Residence at Southampton Art Gallery funded by The Arts Council of Great Britain. Beale has exhibited across the UK, Europe and the USA, solo exhibitions include; The Angela Flowers Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, The Akumulatory Gallery, Poland, Southampton City Art Gallery and Les Cloîtres Gallery, Poitiers France. Blue Bird and Other Stories, LCC Galleries, University of the Arts London. Baby Love, Angela Flowers Gallery, subsequently at Southampton Art Gallery, Wilson to Callaghan Conceptual Art Practice in the UK 1964-78 was screened at the ICA, London in 2003.”