The artist Philippa Beale in front of her work “Here, There and Everywhere”, acrylic on canvas.


The remarkable exhibition “The Trees of the Vienne” proposed by the Arboréalists and installed in the Dortoirs des Moines at Saint-Benoît is extended until Monday, July 31st.

Founded in 2013 by Tim Craven, Chief Curator of the Southampton City Art Gallery and artist, who created an international movement of artists, who preferences trees in their work.”Trees, with the story of their existence and their survival, are a metaphor for our own existence,” explains Philippa Beale, curator of the exhibition.

About fifty renowned British artists, including two Royal Academicians, were invited to the movement and also two French painters, Guillaume Brandy and Francis Dalschaert. Philippa Beale was born in Winchester, the city where Eleanor of Aquitaine spent a decade inprisoned in a castle. Her father told her as a child.

“Maybe once in your life you will go to Poitiers to see the city where this queen lived.

”After studying psychology and later art at the prestigious Goldsmiths College in London, Philippa Beale become director of a school of Fine Arts continuing to devote herself to her own artistic creations. “In retirement, I wanted to settle in France, in the region of Poitiers and … Eleanor!

‘Thanks to the sale of one of my works, I was able to buy a small house in Vaux-en-Couhé.” In the church of Our Lady in this small village, the artist realized a contemporary , permenant installation of the Stations of the Cross, that was blessed by Archbishop Pascal Wintzer in 2010. In the surrounding countryside, she found trees: oaks, willows, linden trees that she has drawn in pen and ink before enlarging them into generally monochrome paintings, which are far from the usual codes of landscape painters. An exhibition not to be missed.

Another exhibition in Loudun

  • At the end of 2016, a group of Arborealist painters spent a week in the Vienne in search of landscapes and remarkable trees as inspiration. After the exhibition at the Dortoir des Moines at Benoît, a second exhibition is planned in 2018, in the Collegiate church of Loudun, another in Sweden on the trees of Scandinavia.

Corr.: Daniel Brun

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